1. Everything we make is ours.

2. We decide how you can use the photos and whats allowed.

3. With use of our photos the photographer should always be mentioned

Links to Norwegian copyright law: § 1, § 2, § 3§ 24, § 40


Norms for use of photos

If nothing else is agreed with your photographer you can assume you are allowed to use photos of yourself in social media for personal use. Be very careful about competitions and internet pages with terms of service that allow them to use the photographs commercially. Commercial use cost money. If you need extended license/use, please contact your photographer and talk about how to sort it out.

Examples of personal use:

  • Upload photo to private Facebook page
  • Upload photo to private cosplay page
  • Upload photo to instagram

Examples of commercial/illegal use:

  • Use in newspapers/magazines
  • Use for advertisement of any kind
  • Use in competitions
  • Sales of photos
  • Edit photos (crop/paste/instagram filter/general filters/etc)


What can you expect

  • For bigger payed shoots there will often be a contract outlining the details of how you can use the work.
  • You will usually get photos in 2-6 megapixels
  • Every photo won't turn out good, the photographer will sort out the bad once.
  • If there are photos you are not happy with, let us know.
  • We will tag photos with your name and link to you.